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Philippe Landreat founded his winery in 1992. The house with its vineyards lies outside the town of Vertus, in the region of white grapes – Côte des Blancs, 21 km from Epernay, 50 km from Reims, andalso twohours away fromParis. In Côte des Blancs you can find other villages, such as Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, and Mont-Saint-Père.


These vineyards grow mostly Chardonnay grapes, which give the final flavour all its fruity tones.

This delicious champagne is a blended from:

Chardonnay (white grapes) – known for its lightness and smoothness

Pinot Noir (uncoloured juice, black grapes) – delivers vigorousness and power

Pinot Meunier (uncoloured juice, black grapes) – brings fruitiness and roundness

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