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Growing vines has always been part of the DNA of the Taillet family, but the winemaking appeared a little later. The vineyard was established for producing premium fruit since the beginning, and Daniel Taillet was the first to produce his own Champagne bottles. This happened in 1961, birth year of Taillet Champagne house.

The story begins ...

In 1995 Eric Taillet took over from his father, following his vision of excellence in the vineyard management and premium fruit production. He is convinced that harvest is the time when things take place. A time to focus on, without compromise.

From this passion and care, his wines get a true connection with their terroir. A little something that makes Taillet Champagne so distinctive.

The 5,75 ha of vineyard are splitted in 6 around the village of Baslieux-sous-Châtillon, and the average age of our vines is 35 years old.

A beautiful location in the heart of the Marne valley, kingdom of Meunier grape variety.

Some Chardonnay & Pinot noir, also grown in our vineyard, will allow to enrich some of the blends

Our soils with various composition provide complexity and lots of nutrients, a real blessing for our vines. We set up our own reasoned and sustainable management of the vineyard.

Some grass is grown between the rows of vines to ensure a good yield control and make sure the soil is always alive. This practice, combined with mechanical cultivation and the use of natural fertilizers help the roots to go deeper in the subsoil and catch the essence of the terroir.

Following the same vision, we will replant some vine-peach and cherry trees that were surrounding our vineyards some decades ago.

In the near future, we will grow some of the “historical” Champagne grape varieties such as Arbane & Petit Meslier to create limited release cuvees.

Following the Burgundy model, we are organized along with the « crus » pyramid, our gravity center being the grape variety Meunier

To increase our winemaking & blending options, we have recently set up a barrel room, with 400 & 600 L barrels; this specific ratio between barrel volume and wood seems to match our expectations for our style.

We have always used a traditional 4 000 kg Coquard basket press, however the primary fermentation will take place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks to preserve aromas.

The pressing program is another key point.

We have reinterpreted the traditional fraction program by splitting the simple “cuvee & taille” into cuvee A, B & C + taille. This allows more precision and is perfectly on line with our vineyard philosophy.

Range Champagne Eric Taillet is an offer which answers quite your gustative requests, at all the moments, in accompaniment of an entry, a flat, a dessert or simply the answer for a very particular aroma.

Fascinated by his job which he does not consider any more as a work but as a passion, he makes your papillae beyond travel simple one filled ...

As for the unique imprint of the meunier by Eric Taillet, the it is the signature of the "leader", the knowledge, the work of the vine, the knowledge of a country and the wine making if private individual of the Meunier.

With Taillet Champagne he proves that Meunier can be a big champagne deserving of the most beautiful gratitudes. 

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