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The David-Heucq Champagne house is located in Fleury-la-Rivière, a debonair little village in Vallée de la Marne region where history meets tradition. La maison is built on a famous limestone platform with fossils of scallops and shells that can magically take us back in history and closer to nature.

The David-Heucq family has nurtured their vineyards for four generations. They treat them very carefully to cultivate the highest quality grapes that are then scrupulously sorted according to their distinctivecharacteristics: Pinot Meunier wine is rounded, Chardonnay is delicate, and Pinot Noir is powerful.

For years the family has followed a very precise method of viniculture, from harvest, to blending, shaking, filtering, and conditioning in beautiful cellars where wines quietly rest and mature in a constant temperature of 11°C.

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