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Founded by Maurice Dayard in 1927, The Doyard Mahé champagne house has been passing on their know-how for four generations now, located in the heart of Champagne, "Côte des Blancs".

This region is home to the unique white Chardonnay grapes that turn into wine known for its soft elegance and powerful aroma. Phillip Doyard and his daughter Carole manage 6 hectares of vineyards in a village close to Épernay called Vertus. As did their ancestors, they run their winery with great passion, conscientiously, and with care for the environment. For twenty years they have been employing “Viticulture raisonnée“ – the “integrated viticulture” method which focuses on sensitivity towards Champagne lands during wine production.

The house produces around 50 bottles every year. Each step in the process respects traditional methods as the Doyards believe that is the only way to honour the gift that nature has given them in grapes.  

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